The Real Rendezvous Podcast

Episode 18 featuring founder of Ferarrio Consulting Breda Ferarrio is live now!

With over 20 years experience as a business coach/consultant, Breda works with business owners and leadership teams, helping them achieve their ambitions through business coaching/consulting. Her holistic approach aids business leaders/owners by identifying and challenging their blind spots: she’s the third eye that sees what you/your teams can’t see.

She shares so many gems on why businesses fail, how they succeed, importance of culture, dynamics of leadership and burn out. We’re so excited to celebrate the start of the new year with Breda, as shares everything you need to know to get motivated and focused on growing your business for 2023. Time to get planning and here’s to a successful new year ahead!

The full episode is live now on all podcast streaming platforms via the link the link: or you can search ‘The Real Rendezvous podcast’ on all platforms.