Ferarrio Consulting offers 3 core service lines:

Business Coaching and Consulting
Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Executive and Leadership Development

The point of first engagement with a client is dependent upon the client and their priorities. The most common is through the Business coaching and Consulting Services line. The engagement with Ferarrio Consulting is completely tailored to the client and their journey – and will likely include some but not all of the Service offerings.

Business Coaching and Consulting

Driving for scale

Pillar 1

Vision and Culture – all about the people and why you do what you do

Purpose and alignment

To quote Dan Pink from his book Drive, one of the key motivating factors for staff is a connection with an organisation’s purpose. So it’s worth defining that purpose!

Every business has a purpose – and owner-managed businesses are particularly strong in this area – but it often goes undefined and unarticulated.

We help owners and partners uncover that purpose, and then use it as a context for everything they do as they grow their business.

Alignment of vision

This is defined as ‘a picture of a destination around which all are aligned and energised to act’.

Two things happen when it comes to alignment of vision:

  1. Partners or owners don’t spend time articulating and sharing their vision – it often remains in their heads.
  2. Or they become unaligned (or think they do), so this becomes a cause of friction and disharmony.

We facilitate either or both of these conversations, creating unity and energy to really bring the vision to life.

Culture and behaviour

Every business has a culture, it grows organically, and will contain good things and bad.

The best businesses articulate their culture and manage it. They create awareness of the good elements, diminish the bad elements, and leverage the power of a great culture to grow and energise the business. And this benefits them both culturally and commercially.

We help businesses in defining their culture – their values, behaviours and norms. This ideally involves the whole business, creating excitement, unity and a passion that impacts everything the business does.

Pillar 2

Commercial Strategy – Planning What you need to do

Product and position

There are a number of questions to consider when defining your product and position, including:

  • What is your product – not just what you sell but what your clients buy – and what is the true value that it delivers?
  • What is your phase two and phase three strategy?
  • How does that translate into your marketplace?
  • How are you viewed in the marketplace?
  • Are you sending mixed messages?

We facilitate conversations on all and more of these type of questions. And the output is:

  • Focus – on who and why.
  • Clear and consistent language.
  • Revenue uplift.

Channels and sales

Is ‘sales’ a dirty word? In some businesses it is! Therefore, it’s important to look at sales as a means to creating relationships to which you can add value, and go in with that intent!

How do you get your product to market?

Who sells you?

What is your sales process?

We help clients define:

  • Who loves them and rates them, both among their clients and their strategic partners.
  • How to manage a relationship with a strategic partner.
  • How to get clear on their sales process.

Pillar 3

Delivery capability – How you do it

And there’s no point in any of the other topics unless you can deliver!

Have you got the right people with the right skills doing the right thing in the right way? (Are we overusing the word ‘right’?!)

We help businesses design:

  • The organisation’s structure – with complete clarity and no ego.
  • The functional structure – with complete responsibility.
  • Rigour and process – keeping it simple.
  • Training and development of all.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation falls into three camps, from our experience.

1. Conflict resolution

This is where an immediate intervention is required. Some conflict has arisen between significant individuals that is obstructing the business operationally.

We provide immediate facilitation on the specific issue to find a common ground and a practical way forward.

2. Partner alignment

Owners often don’t spend time on themselves and what they want.

Getting clear about individual and joint ambitions is invaluable in any partnership because then you can plan and execute.

We facilitate these conversations. They’re often not contentious at all, but if they continue to be unexpressed will hinder the business.

3. Formal mediation and ADR

Sometimes there is no other route to explore than formal Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR). Breda is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and can support the appropriate process to ensure a good outcome for both parties.

Executive and Leadership Development

Executive coaching

‘The loneliest job in the world’. Many CEOs and managing directors use this quote when they start working with us.

We also hear ‘not being able to see the wood for the trees’ equally frequently.

Through executive coaching and development, we support the senior guys in defining and growing both themselves and their businesses.

Board coaching

Boards can slow things down or speed them up. And they can be terribly obstructive – or enabling.

We support boards in getting clear about what the business requires of them. We then coach and train them to operate effectively and efficiently to achieve this.

And in owner-managed businesses, the board members often play an operational role as well. However, the distinction needs to be clear!

Leadership development and training

The skills of a leader are constantly evolving.

Whether you want a leader to be a manager, a coach or a consultant, there must be a strategy and plan in place to develop them.

We build bespoke development programmes that support succession and development of the next generation of leaders within your business, covering everything from handling difficult conversations to coaching and mentoring. These skills are essential to the business and its vision!