Bali Padda

NED / Trusted Advisor

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Bali Padda is a business consultant and adviser to C-suite executives. He is former COO and CEO of LEGO.

Key attributes are:

  • A deep knowledge of operations – Bali was Chief Operations Officer of LEGO for 11 years, during its turnaround and strong growth, before becoming the first non-Danish CEO of the company.
  • Leadership and team development – Bali led Global People Operations & Development at LEGO for five years.
  • Experience and knowledge of working across cultures and aligning them to company purpose.
  • Being results-driven, and relishing a challenge. His performance-based management processes have been adopted at other companies.
  • Maintaining a focus on the vital few data points that help performance, and keeping things simple. Life is complicated enough, in business we tend to over complicate everything. Bali loves to simplify and make processes/decision making/information perform faster and with greater impact.
  • Accountability and fairness. It is important to hold people to account for performance issues, also to prevent people being unfairly blamed or over-burdened. Similarly, dealings with customers must always be honest.

Jenny Hodson

Social Media Specialist

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Jenny is a results focused marketing specialist, with strong experience in international marketing, branding, social media and website management.

Jenny specializes in creating and improving social media campaigns to increase lead generation and brand awareness. Through the implementation of different marketing strategies and communications, Jenny recognizes that social media is a great way to connect with companies and teams across the world over many shared common challenges, issues and shared interests. Jenny has experience in increasing brand awareness and helping take regional companies and turn their social presence to suit all global markets. She also has a strong background in website management and managing the online presence of Restless Business’ brand to improve and increase the user experience of visitors and clients.

Jenny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and enjoys linking both her learnings and social media together in focusing on the user experience and customer journey.

John Bacon

Culture & Engagement Specialist

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John is a leadership and workforce culture specialist, and has supported and coached businesses and leaders across multiple sectors and geographies over the last 15 years. He has a particular interest in health and social care, but his passion is working with organisations in the knowledge that happy, productive and connected people tend to be more successful and resilient both at work and at home.

John’s career began with global consulting firm EY where he spent 7 years before moving into industry and gaining invaluable insights into how businesses work, and the importance of connecting people to purpose. He has learned directly through running businesses and large teams, and is able to translate that experience into helping others accelerate their development and growth without making the same mistakes he did!

Through his work with tech company Ryalto, John has now developed a tried and tested methodology which can be applied to large workforces in order to drive behavioural change and cultural improvement. Any business with a workforce greater than 100 people will know the challenges of having all people working in a way which is aligned to the business’ strategic goals. It is, for many, the holy grail!

Liz Mercer

Perla Development

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Liz is an accomplished facilitator and executive coach, with a wealth of industry experience. She has successfully run her own consulting business, Perla Development Ltd, since 2014.

Liz partners with her clients in the design and delivery of leadership and management development programmes, executive coaching, workshop design and facilitation, and team development.

After graduating in Combined Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University, Liz spent 25 years in HR and Learning and Development, in a variety of Business Partnering roles for GlaxoSmithKline and MedImmune/AstraZeneca.

Liz gained her Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London, Birkbeck College, in 2006. Since then, she has attained her Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching) and holds Associate Certified Coach status with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is accredited to administer and interpret the MBTI Step 1 & 2, FIRO-B, Belbin, Hogan, Strengthscope and Key Polarity Indicator™ profiling tools.

In recent times, Liz’s executive coaching has taken place in a variety of contexts including: senior and executive leadership development and transformation; supporting leaders to achieve personal and professional development goals; facilitating the transition to leadership and supporting those who are experiencing increased responsibility or significant career progression.

Liz has an extensive track record of developing highly-effective partnerships to deliver her work. Her style is one of building on strengths to maximise human potential. Liz is known for her authenticity, encouraging nature, clarity of purpose and ability to apply her knowledge and expertise to help individuals, teams and organisations grow and succeed.

Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder of LinkedIn Success Systems

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I am a specialist LinkedIn sales & marketing trainer, coach & consultant. (member since 2004)

Specialist LinkedIn Digital Culture Artisan

I specialise in turning around and/or enhancing sales, marketing and leadership teams. I primarily work with very large multi site global organisations and smaller regional organisations.

Why do companies work with me?

Companies bring me in when they are looking to create a LinkedIn digital culture that is proficient in generating more revenue and visibility through fee earners, business development teams, marketing and the C-Suite.

Their most common needs are:

  • Strive to achieve consistent growth through client retention and new business generation
  • Are getting unacceptable returns on traditional business growth activities
  • Face threats and pressures from competitors and vendors that are moving ahead
  • Tired of living with brand messaging and positioning inconsistencies; personal profiles vs company page
  • Need external help dealing with digital culture resistance

Results to expect working with me

You will outperform your competition, exceed revenue targets, generate opportunities through existing and new networks, be the go-to-resource for your expertise, maximise your visibility, have a positive voice that is proactive on brand and on message. An operational and effective LinkedIn digital culture that is harmonised with personal profiles, company page and all your other assets and collateral.

Training delivery

Training is not off the shelf, but tailored to your specific needs as an organisation and your functions.

Roderick Cameron

Getting Transaction Ready

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Roderick leads Westcliff Strategic, growth architects for professional service firms, scaling technology businesses and SMEs: solving strategy, organisation & investability problems.

At Westcliff, we understand the mathematics of business: from team sizes, efficiency ratios to the number of touchpoints required to create client loyalty.

What we do best is get businesses ready for transformational funding events: across brand (the entire revenue system), talent management, risk controls and due diligence preparation and re-setting executive cadence.

Even if you don’t have such an event in mind, the discipline of preparing to maximise the value of your business delivers untold benefits to revenue growth, profitability and engaged employees.

Ruth Bell


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Do you need help creating a brand story or writing the copy for your website? Want to produce a series of blogs, expert comment for a promotional article or a press release? I can help! As a journalist and editor with over 20 years’ experience, I’m well versed in producing informative copy that is accessible and entertaining. I’m also an experienced project manager; as the editor of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, it was my job to deliver a monthly market-leading interiors title with a small team, strict budget and tight deadline. Each magazine had to cover familiar themes in a fresh way, so I learned to be endlessly inventive. And this skill has definitely come into play in my most recent role as the co-founder of Interiors InsideOut, a communications and PR agency. I have helped our clients find their voice by crafting press releases, blog copy, expert comment and ‘how to’ articles that get their message across.

Samatha Harden

Principal Mediator

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Sam has over 9 years business experience working within the insurance industry, in both underwriting and senior strategic development roles, for both Lloyds of London and Company Markets. She has extensive experience in working with some of the largest UK developers and legal real estate teams to create and use innovative insurance solutions to facilitate risk transfer.

 Sam is also the founder and director of a boutique mediation service, offering civil, commercial, transformative and workplace mediation services. She has a passion for dispute resolution and has seen first-hand throughout her insurance career how valuable mediation can be. Sam has a keen interest in the full range of Civil and Commercial disputes with specific experience in Property, Landlord & Tenant, Insurance, Employment, Contract and Construction disputes.

In 2021, Sam joined a risk tech start-up as their CSO.


Sam studied in Glasgow for a BA (Hons) in Business Law before undertaking a Masters in International Business and Finance. She also holds PRINCE2 at practitioner level.

Sam Walker

SW Consulting

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Sam has spent his career in the high-end and luxury construction markets working withconstruction, joinery and luxury brands. Throughout his career he has specialised in building commercial and operational process and rigour. He also has board level experience and helped businesses set their vision, values, culture and strategy. Key achievements are launching a luxury brand and setting up a UK Luxury Brands’ New York showroom. Sam is currently focusing on helping owner managed businesses work ON their business and not IN their business. He is a certified Director with the IOD and working towards his chartered
Director status. He shares his spare time with his wife Lizzy and their far too smart German Shepard, Dante.

Tracy Gravesande

Asset Builder

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Using her expertise and experience in Learning and Development (L&D) strategy and design, Tracy designs and documents proprietary Intellectual Property (IP) for clients that create both a system and an asset for their businesses. Then drawing on her significant L&D expertise, she is able to use the IP to co-create, build, and implement business programmes and/or courses for delivery to early-stage businesses or professionals to take them to the next level of growth.
Tracy has a unique ability to be able to work in both the vision and the detail. It is for this reason that the work she undertakes results in the creation of a ‘text book’ for the business that facilitates the systemisation of its product(s), enabling it to scale and build a foundation for the creation of future products.

Tracy has worked across a wide spectrum of companies, from Corporate to SME to being an independent consultant and has held key roles in Learning and Development, IP Product Development, and as Programme Director for the delivery of business education programmes with multiple partnering businesses and funders from government to fund managers.

Yaeger Irwin

Founder of Bloom

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Bloom PM, founded by Yaeger Irwin, is impacting the construction industry with its unique project management approach. Focusing on project growth and personal development, Bloom PM stands out is recognisable in its sector. In this journey, Ferarrio Consulting has been pivotal. Their expertise during the start-up phase ensured clarity and purpose for the founder, setting a solid foundation for the company’s growth.

Ferarrio Consulting’s strategic guidance and understanding of Bloom PM’s values have been
instrumental in shaping its success. Their partnership has enabled Bloom PM to bring a fresh perspective to the traditionally rigid construction sector.

As Bloom PM grows, Ferarrio Consulting’s role in its early stages remains a critical factor in its success. Their collaboration is a exciting example of strategic planning and visionary execution, promising ongoing innovation in the construction industry. Bloom PM, with its
growth-centric approach, guided by Ferrario Consulting, is not just thriving but also inspiring change in its sector – its blooming!

Steve Marsh


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Steve has spent much of his career in the pharmaceutical industry. For the first 9 years, he worked in ‘big pharma’ getting a superb grounding where he led and developed teams bringing new oncology drugs from research, through launch into both the UK & European market. He then set up his own consulting business that he grew over 18 years from the spare bedroom to become one of the leading Pharma Launch Excellence HealthTech Consultancies working with over 15 of the world’s top pharma’s at a Global Level. On this journey he developed a deep interest in how coaching, combined with simplifying issues & opportunities gave individuals in his team a new sense of energy and purpose. After successfully selling his business in 2022, Steve is now enjoying a lovely balance of mentoring individuals and smaller businesses to support them on their journey, with lots of ‘fun stuff’ including surfing, running, walking the dog and playing the piano.