Welcome to Ferarrio Consulting – and thanks for dropping in on our website.

We are passionate about working with business owners and leaders who are ready to drive growth in all areas of their business.

If you’re keen to grow your business, your teams and yourself, then please drop me a line to have a chat!

What we do

Ferarrio Consulting offers 3 core service lines.

Business Coaching and Consulting

We offer a range of bespoke coaching and consulting interventions and programmes. These range from strategy retreats and business reviews to coaching projects. They are often – but not exclusively – based on three fundamental pillars.

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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

I am an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and can provide specific formal mediation, should it be required. As a coaching and consulting business, we also offer services to help align business partners and teams – and deal with any conflicts that may arise.

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Executive and Leadership Development

In order to grow their business or teams, business owners must invest in building their own capabilities and skills to deliver that growth. To achieve this, we design appropriate programmes based on the individual vision of each business, including a mix of workshops and one-to-one coaching.

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